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We have active Doterra locations available all over the world making it easier for you to buy locally

We have a large amount in the US however for those of you who do not live in the United States we also have consultant in Canada, Australia, the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Finland and New Zealand with more coming on board everyday.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this site, send us an email and I will ask a consultant to contact you as soon as I have one available.

For instruction on how to enroll with Wellness Advocates with someone on this site contact us at: or Click here which will take you to the instruction page.

Regardless what you want from Doterra, we are able to provide the best service available online.

Below I have put a list of our global leaders, however for local consultant browse through over 200 Doterra Wellness Advocates worldwide by using our search engine or checking out the sitemap page.

Steven Jackson
Global Leader
Steven Jackson is one of the raising stars, creating a large global team in the US, Europe and Australia, so if you want to become successful in Doterra considering joining Steven on the journey of a life time.
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Tamara Houser
Leader North Carolina
Tamara is a long term well experienced Wellness Advocate from North Carolina and she is available for all your Doterra Essential Oil need
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Cynthia Goodsite
Leader Ohio
Cyndi is a team builder and leader that is developing a large organization in the Bellevue, Ohio area, contact her for oils and enrollment.
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Manuela Battilani
Leader Pennsylvania
Manuela is a highly experienced essential oils and Raiki consultant in the Factoryville, Pennsylvania area with a global customer base in Italy as well as the United States.
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Rochelle Grant
Leader Texas
Rochelle is a Wellness Advocate in Killeen, Texas with a growing team and as a ex-Avon consultant she know how to run a business like Doterra, so for more details contact Rochelle or enroll in her team.
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Leamanda Callam
Leader UK
Leamanda is a nurse and a massive advocate for essential oils in the Birmingham area, so anyone wishing to know more about essential oils or Doterra in the UK, contact Leamanda or enroll with her today.
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